Watford Pensioners' Forum


Adam Thapar - Project Manager at Age UK Hertfordshire

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15th March 2019

Georgina never thought she would meet someone as hyper as her. Adam is a very important part of Age UK Hertwise team. Today at the pensioners forum, Adam highlighted the importance of dementia care. Georgina sat down for a few minutes to talk to Adam about how he found the afternoon.


Gill Crowson - CVS Lead

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15th March 2019

A truly inspirational podcast, Gill talks about how event such as these can impact on the community, how well the pensioners forum went and most importantly how pulling together can change a town such as Watford.

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Mrs Betty Cuusolo - Getting Together Member

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15th March 2019

Betty is a new member to Getting Together but has already made a huge impressions on all our hearts. From coming along to the clubs with a huge smile to dancing on a Monday. Our toughest critic.

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Hollie Callanan - Customer Care Manager

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15th March 2019

As Customer Care Manager Hollie is very often the first person you speak to and see at W3RT. With an infectious smile and a joy for life, it was so important for Georgina to steal a couple of minutes with her. Hollie was as excited as the rest of us for this event.

Find out what Hollie really enjoys about her job, why she does what she does and who her favourite Disney Princess is.


Peter Taylor - Elected Mayor of Watford

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15th March 2019

Peter sat down with Georgina to talk about how well received W3RT's first Pensioners forum was. Whether he would recommend events such as these to other people. Also spoke to Georgina about Watford as a Dementia Friendly town


Karen Collett - Deputy Mayor, Local Councillor and Joint Organiser

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15th March 2019

Georgina was delighted to steal some time with Karen to talk about the importance of Pensioner forums and how Karen feels the afternoon went.


Philip Waine - Watch Liaison Officer

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15th March 2019

There is no doubt that Philip enjoys his role with in the Owl Neighbour Watch team but how much? What did Philip do before joining Owl or if he could be a famous person who would he be? Georgina wanted to know.

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Colin Bertie - Pensioner forum Guest

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15th March 2019

It is always wonderful to find someone to give positive feedback on an event, Mr Bertie was more than happy to share his experience with Georgina.

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Sue Shanahan - Trading Standards

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15th March 2019

Today Sue addressed the growing rate of individuals falling victims from scammers. Sue also gave tips on keeping safe, important numbers to call if you believe you have been scammed and who to look out for. Its awful to think that scammers are coming up with new ways to steal money from the vulnerable and lonely.  She sat down with Georgina to explain a little about what she does and how she thinks the afternoon went.